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We offer specialized care in the field of JOINT REPLACEMENT and ORTHOPAEDIC DISEASES.


From routine doctor visit to the most advanced surgery, we’re here for you. Our doctor is specialized in JOINT REPLACEMENT & ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY and handles the diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis of hip & knee joints along with various injuries of the bones, muscles and ligaments in both adults and children.

Our goal is to deliver quality of care in a courteous, respectful, and compassionate manner. We hope you will allow us to care for you and strive to be the first and best choice for Orthopaedic care.

Dr. Nitin Thakkar - M.S.(Ortho)


Providing Care for The Sickest In Community.

Get well orthopaedic hospital and imaging centre is serving patients in Ahmedabad, India since 2014, Our orthopaedic service offers consultation, in-patient management and out-patient treatment for patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


Fracture Of Bones

A bone fracture is a break in the continuity of a bone. A significant percentage of bone fractures occur because of high force impact or stress.

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Arthritis Of Knee

”Arthritis” is a disease of inflammation of one or more of your joints. Pain, swelling, and stiffness are the primary symptoms of arthritis. Any joint in the body may be affected by the disease, but it is particularly common in the knee.

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Arthritis Of Hip

Sometimes called "wear-and-tear" arthritis, osteoarthritis is a common condition that many people develop during middle age or older. It can occur in any joint in the body, but most often develops in weight-bearing joints, such as the hip.

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