M.S.(Ortho) (University First)
Fellow- Joint Replacement
Joint Replacement & Trauma Surgeon

DMRD, DNB (Radio-Diagnosis)
Consultant Radiologist
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Operation Theatre

Joint Replacement Surgery

One of the best hospitals equipped with an ultra modern operation theatre required for joint replacement surgeries, under the expert care of well experienced joint replacement surgeon- Dr.Nitin Thakkar.

Trauma Surgery

Centre of excellence providing all the necessary treatment and care for all kinds of fractures and trauma cases.

One of the best in class, ultra modern, fully equipped operation theatre with the following facilities:

Laminar Air Flow System:

For the provision of clean air inside the operation room to prevent surgical site infection (SSI), this system filters out particulate impurities upto the size of 0.3 microns with it’s HEPA filter and blows out clean air with a positive pressure in a smooth verticle laminar flow at the operative site thus making it “CLASS 100” OT.

Joint Less Operation Theatre:

Joint less vinyl flooring, coving at the corners, and anti-bacterial EPOXY paint on the walls eliminates all the joints, crevices and corners which are the common sites of bacterial growth.

Air Curtain:

Provides an air shield at the door of operation theatre to prevent air contamination each time the door opens.

Fogger Machine:

A modern equipment for quick and effective chemical sterilization of the operation theatre to reduce operative infection rate.

Vertical High Pressure Autoclave (Triple Walled) Machine:

For adequate, fast and precise sterilization of operative instruments, gowns and drapes.

Orthopaedic Electric Drill (Manman):

A mandatory instrument for precise cutting, drilling and reaming of bone during various orthopaedic surgeries including joint replacement surgeries.

OT Light:

Double domed and shadowless OT lights with metal reflector for adequate illumination of operative field.

Pulse Lavage:

High pressure pulse lavage during joint arthroplasty serves to remove the debris and blood clots from the bony canaliculi in order to increase bone cement penetration for better fixation and stability of the implant.

Digital Electric Tourniquet:

An instrument to provide bloodless and clear operative field for surgical precision and also to minimise operative blood loss and requirement of blood transfusion.


Provides intra operative live X-ray images of bones for precise reduction and fixation of fractures.